3D Printing Houses from Concrete

πηγή: hackday

We’ve seen 3D-printed houses before, but most make use of prefabricated chunks. This hurricane and tornado resistant hotel suite in the Philippines was printed in one shot.

Sound familiar? This is the work of [Andrey Rudenko], who started by building a concrete 3D printer in his garage 2 years ago, moved on to 3D printing his kids a concrete castle in his backyard later that year and now appears to have a full-blown company offering commercial 3D printed houses. Way to go [Andrey]!

The building was designed in Sketchup no less, and the printer makes use of Pronterface for the control software. It’s absolutely fascinating to see this built at full-scale. We want one.

The project was made possible by an eccentric entrepreneur named [Lewis Yakich], once an engineer at Intel, now a real-estate magnate in the Philippines. He enlisted the help of [Andrey] to build this new 3D printed expansion to his pre-existing Lewis Grand Hotel. But they have their sights set even higher — on manufacturing more printers and revolutionizing the low-income housing market in the Philippines.


All in all, they expect they will be able to print a house like this in under a week, with massive cost savings compared to traditional methods.

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