America Gets a D Plus for Infrastructure, and a Big Bill to Fix it

πηγή: wired

One of President Donald Trump’s first promises after getting elected was to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure—bridges, roads, tunnels, pipes, dams. And whether you’ve had to evacuate a town in the shadow of a crumbling dam, buy filters for tainted municipal water, or even just bounced over potholes on a highway, you’ve experienced the problems the president alluded to.

Well, it really is as bad as you think. The American Society of Civil Engineers has just released its latest infrastructure report card, and grades the United States at D plus. That means the country’s public works are in substandard condition, with a risk of failure. The ASCE releases its reports every four years, and the mark hasn’t changed since the last time. “While our nation’s infrastructure problems are significant, they are solvable,” says ASCE President Norma Jean Mattei. But that’ll take money.

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Σε υψηλό πέντε μηνών οι κατασκευές νέων κατοικιών στις ΗΠΑ

Στο υψηλότερο επίπεδο των τελευταίων πέντε μηνών διαμορφώθηκαν τον Φεβρουάριο οι κατασκευές νέων κατοικιών στις ΗΠΑ.

Συγκεκριμένα, ο αριθμός των νέων κατασκευών ενισχύθηκε κατά 5,2% στα 1,18 εκατ., έναντι 1,15 εκατ. των εκτιμήσεων.

Οι άδειες οικοδομήσεως παράλληλα, αυξήθηκαν κατά 3,2% στα 1,17 εκατ.

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